'The Changeling'


Photo by: Al Harah Theater

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A man and his wife come riding through the forest. On her arms the wife carries their little baby.
At the same time a troll crone comes walking through the forest with her little troll-baby, playing and singing for the child and searching for food.
By accident the human baby and the troll baby are switched. The story starts from this point forward...
”The Changeling ” is based on a Swedish fairy tale written more than 100 years ago by the Swedish author and Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf.
Even if it is a fairy tale, the play is a story of our time. It will show that every child has to be well treated, has the right to be taken care of and to be loved even if he or she is different.

Britt Louise Tillbom and Jan Tiselius
A Fairy tale by:
Selma Lagerlöf
Raeda Ghazaleh, Nicola Zreineh, Atta Nasser,Riham Isaac,Yazan Ghareeb, Mirna Sakhleh
Set Design and Production:
Yazan Ghareeb & Fairouz Nastas
Set Production and Technician:
Issam Rishmawi
Costumes and Props:
Fairouz Nastas
Monica Flygare
Ivan Azazian
Text Translator:
Mirna Sakhleh
Production Management:
Marina Barham, George Matar
Produced by:
Al-Harah Theater 2010

Special Thanks to..
Goeteborg School of Music
Unga Klara Theatre, Stockholm
Women Children Care Society, Beit Jala
Ibrahim Mhanna

Funded byThe Swedish Institute / Stockholm