• ‘Throw the Stick’

    ‘Throw the Stick’

  • 'The Changeling'

    'The Changeling'

  • ‘The Red Apple’

    ‘The Red Apple’

  • 'The Old Man Sem’an'

    'The Old Man Sem’an'

  • 'Confinement'


  • 'The Catastrophe'

    'The Catastrophe'

  • ‘The Metamorphosis’

    ‘The Metamorphosis’

  • 'The Trap'

    'The Trap'

  • 'House of Yasmine'

    'House of Yasmine'

  • 'Longing to the Sea'

    'Longing to the Sea'

  • ‘Qamar & Malek’

    ‘Qamar & Malek’

  • 'Do You Still Love Me'

    'Do You Still Love Me'

  • 'Lause & Santa Clause'

    'Lause & Santa Clause'

  • 'Why?'


  • ‘Mirabel’


  • 'Girls are a burden until their death'

    'Girls are a burden until their death'

  • ‘Yalla Borhan’

    ‘Yalla Borhan’

  • 'Lause Hilo...Lause Mor'

    'Lause Hilo...Lause Mor'

  • 'Yalla Farah'

    'Yalla Farah'

  • ‘The Christmas Present’

    ‘The Christmas Present’

  • 'I Have a Dream'

    'I Have a Dream'

  • 'Born in Bethlehem'

    'Born in Bethlehem'

  • 'People of Paper'

    'People of Paper'

  • 'Wit'


  • 'Bye Bye Gillo'

    'Bye Bye Gillo'

  • 'Nangijala'


  • 'Making Senses'

    'Making Senses'

  • 'The Christmas Song'

    'The Christmas Song'

  • 'Shakespeare’s Sisters'

    'Shakespeare’s Sisters'

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The International Children and Yout
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Yalla Yalla

October 20th – 30th, 2015

Bethlehem – Palestine


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