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“Jihan’s Smile”
Directed by Raeda Ghazaleh
This play was produced at the end of 2015.
However, it premiered within the
International Children and Youth Theater
Festival “Yalla Yalla” in April 2016. The play
is based on the children’s story “The Girl Who
Lost Her Smile” for the Egyptian writer Karim
Al-Rawi and targets children above the age of
8 years old.
The play tells the story of “Jihan”, a child who
lost her smile, which affected the people of the
town, the sun set, the moon disappeared, and
everything lost its color. Everyone is looking
for “Jihan’s Smile” so the sun will rise again,
the moon will shine, and the colors will
return. With the help of the town’s cleaner,
“Jihan” discovers that her smile was hidden
inside herself.