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Al-Harah trained 88 children and young people for 136 hours at the community Center.
We believe in the importance of drama and theater in creating positive change in the society and
that children and youth are the leaders of change. Therefore, we in Al-Harah Theater focus on
training different groups of children and young people who gave their group the name ‘Gangs’
and ranging according to seniority in the training as follows:
Al-Harah Gangs 1+2:
A group of young trainees aged between 21 – 26 years old. Some of them have started training
in 2007 and some have joined the theater in 2009.
The group developed a new script based on their research in Shakespeare’s plays like Macbeth
and relating it to similar themed stories from the youth’s daily lives in Palestine.
They produced a new play called "Zawaya, inspired by Macbeth"
Usually, Gangs 1+2 train on weekly basis.
"Zawaya, inspired by Macbeth" Director:
Raeda Ghazaleh
Youth nowadays face lots of challenges and situations that need to make decisions that define
their future. They can either be weak and enter a world of loss or become clear in their decisions.
Since Macbeth until today, how does the play's philosophy connect to our future? How does our
decisions and choices affect our future?
With My Eyes Only
The goal of the project is to create a theatrical performance from interviews with women with
disabilities, performed by Swedish and Palestinian actors, with and without disabilities. It is very
seldom that people wi th disabi l i t ies are creators of art ist ic work.
The project resulted in producing the play
"Making Senses"
, and 3 tours; 2 in Sweden and 1 in
A project which main goal is addressing women loneliness through theater and cross-cultural
exchange, between Palestine and Italy.
A project with an objective to enhance, through cross-cultural contamination, Palestinian theater
creativity and its power to promote social change with regards to gender-related stereotypes and
The project resulted in producing the
"Shakespeare's Sisters"
play which will be performed by
3- Alone we stand