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Al-Harah Theater statistics showed that its team completed 93 performances in 2013
, in
different places in Palestine, the Arab World and Europe., reaching about 18,564 people.
62 from these shows were performed in the west bank, and 31 in other countries like Sweden,
Tunisia, France, and Belgium.
Among our audiences there were around 7,780 children and 10,784 adults.
55% of our audience are females, and 45% are males.
In 2013, we reached our audiences in different areas, 20% of them live in villages, 10% in
refugee camps, and 70% in cities.
In 2013, Al-Harah Theater performed
the following plays:
"Bye Bye Gillo", "Why?",
"Through the stick", "Confinement", "The Changeling", “Mirabel”, "Yalla Farah", "Zawaya",
"Nangijala", "Making Senses", “The Christmas Song” and clowning shows.
1) "Bye Bye Gillo" Directed by Bashar Murkus
The story of Al-Gillalee: A young Moroccan immigrant who
lives illegally in Brussels.
The day Gillo was deported back to his country. Gillo who is
fearful from the plane enters into a new path within the
memory of the moment of his birth until the moment of his
deportation. Between the two moments, Gillo meets himself
and several characters that accompanied him in his life, he goes
with them through a final journey towards the moment of truth.
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Al Harah Produced four new plays in 2013:
2) "Nangijala" Directed by Nicola Zreineh
How terrible it is that some has to die before they have even turned
ten – how can this be? Queries and thoughts come to mind and some-
times haunt us without finding any answers that can convince our
minds and hearts.
The Brothers Lionheart is a novel for Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.
The story takes us to an imaginative world, to Nangijala.