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Meetings, festivals, events, forums and conferences Al-Harah theater participated in
during 2012:
International Festivals/Conference/
Lund Festival in Lund Sweden
-The International Women Playwright
Conference in Sweden
-The Reading Committee Meeting in
Avignon, France
-The Euromedinculture Training in Marseille
-Teatro Della Argine, Diversity Project in
Bologna, Italy
-Visiting Teatro Due Mondi in Italy.
Local Events & Meetings
-EUNIC meeting in Ramallah
-PAN Meeting in Jericho
-DNA Meetings in Beit Jala &
-Yalla Yalla Festival
-Beit Jala Cultural Festival
-Taybeh Festival
-Bir Zeit festival
-Palestinian Circus School Festival
-Ashtar Summer School Festival
‘Yalla Farah’- Directed by the team of the play
Farah, is a six year old girl worried about her first
day at school, but when she goes to school she
meets new friends. This helps her break her fear,
and she becomes a happy social child who helps
all her class mates.
The "Yalla Farah" show includes a collection of
songs, dances and competitions that encourage
children to interact with the show.
Through the story of 'Farah', the children learn
different educational lessons about principles
positive social values.
Regional Festivals &
-Philadelphia University Theater
Festival in Jordan
-The Liberal Theater festival in
-The Euromedinculture Arts
Forum in Jordan
-EUNIC Forum in Jordan
-Tamasi Annual Meeting in
‘Lause Hilo ... Lause Mor’- Directed by
Nicola Zreineh
It is the Christmas Children show of the year.
Grandma Santa Clause gives her two
grandchildren "Lause" and "Lause" certain
duties to assist her in preparing the Christmas
presents for children. "Lause Hilo" runs to
complete these duties perfectly using his full
capacity in technology and his personal iPad.
On the other hand "Lause Mor" is a lazy Santa
child; will he finish his responsibilities? How
will his grandma react? How many gifts need to be prepared? How will everyone cooperate to get
out of this crisis?
Al Harah Theater is a Members in different Local, regional and international
International networks
- EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) Network: www
- Voyage de Geste: www
- Anna Lindh Network : www
Regional Networks
- Tamasi Network for performing
arts in the Middle East & North
Local Networks
- National Palestinian Network for
protecting Children
- Days Of Neighborhood Arts (DNA)
- Palestinian Performing Arts Network
Our Projects
Al Harah got involved in 3 EU funded projects in 2012:
-"Al-Masrah" which by we produced “Wit” play
-The EuroMedInCulture Art Forum 2011/2013
-Contemporary Arab Dramaturgy Project