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Al-Harah Theater statistics showed that its team completed 131 performances in 2012, in both
the west bank and Jordan, reaching about 35,620 people; This included around 18,485 children
and 11,440 youth over 15 years old and 5695 adults over 20 years old.
58% of our audience are females, and 42% are males.
In 2012, we reached our audience in different areas, 65% of our audience live in villages, 20% in
refugee camps, and 15% in cities.
In 2012, Al-Harah Theater created four productions:
‘Wit’ Co-directed by: Raeda Ghazaleh / Palestine & Alberto Grille /Italy
Our journey searching for fear was with the Grimm
brothers and their fairy tale of "the young man who
went to learn about fear".
Atta is a young man who spends his time in his room
reading, believing this is the only way for learning.
Atta has never been exposed to any situation that he
experienced fear or the meaning of the word. As a
result he decides to take a journey looking for fear.
Through this journey he faces several situations and
experiences through which he discovers what fear is.
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Do You Still Love Me ?’ Directed by Raeda Ghazaleh
Most of the children are jealous the moment of the arrival of a
“New Born Baby”, because they feel the risk of losing care.
Shadi is a six years old boy, who is waiting for the return of his
mother from the hospital with a “New Born Baby”.
His father notices some changes on Shadi’s behavior and an
increase in his requests and questions, as if he doubts the continuity
of his parents’ love.
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