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“Yalla Yalla” Street Festival 2011
The groups who participated in the parade besides Al-Harah Gangs are:
X-Game group\ Qalqiliya
Beit Sahour Secondary school\ Beit Sahour
The Small Circus\ Nablus
Bethlehem Secondary school\ Beit Jala
Beit Sahour Center for disable\ Beit Sahour
Al-Awdeh School for girls\ Bethlehem
Press Without Borders group\ Hebron
Bethlehem School for girls\ Bethlehem
Phoenix Center\ Dheisha Camp
Al-Mahed School for boys\ Bethlehem
Iskandar Al-Khouri school\ Beit Jala
Terra Sancta school\ Bethlehem
Talitha Kumi school\ Beit Jala
Freres school\ Bethlehem
For the second year consecutive,
Al-Harah Theater organized
“Yalla Yalla” Street Festival
October 20, 2011 in Bethlehem.
The festival started from The
Catholic Action Center through
Manger Street reaching Manger
The performances on stage in Manger Square are:
The festival song “Yalla Yalla”\ Al-Harah Kids Gang
Circus show\ Palestine Circus school
Hip hop & Beat box show\ X-Game group
Clowning show\ Al-Harah Clowns group
Dancing with fire\ two international artists
Dab Hop Salad\ Al-Harah Dance group
Around 6,000 people attended the festival, most of
them were walking around the parade through to
Manger Square with all the participanting
Watch our channel on Youtube:
Al-Harah Theater
The festival started with the participation of more than 350 participants from Al-Harah Theater
trainees, different groups of youth from different cultural centers through the West Bank, and
students from different schools from Bethlehem Area whom were trained by Al-Harah trainers.