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In 2011, Al-Harah Theater continued its drama training program for its groups of trainees:
Al-Harah Gang 1+2:
A group of young trainees aged between 21 – 24 years old, some of them have started training in
2007 and some have joined the theater in 2009. This year, the group moved from general drama
training to a higher level in which they develop a theater production through reading classical
theater plays and discovering similar themed stories from our daily lives related to the Palestinian
youth generation, in order to perform on stage.
Under the supervision of the artistic director, Raeda Ghazaleh, the group have started working to
create a new play by themselves, which will be premiered in 2012. In 2011, Gang 1+2
accomplished 21 weekly training sessions, 2 hours each.
Al-Harah Theater organized different workshops in specific fields in the performing arts:
Interactive theater workshop with Dr. John Somers\ UK
Drama training with Marina Meinero\ Italy
Dance workshop with Mirjiam Sutter\ Switzerland
Playwriting workshop
Alexander technique workshop with Catherine Vernerie\ France
Movement techniques workshop with Ulrika Ellemark\ Sweeden
Clown workshop with Diane Thornton & Lesley Quilty\ Scotland
Scenography workshop with Marco Bonilauri\ Italy
Drama training for rehabilitation workers in the Arab Rehabilitation Society
Al-Harah Gang 3:
A group of young trainees aged between 18 – 23
years old, who joined Al-Harah in 2010. In 2011,
the group continued drama training on a deeper
level, and focused on developing improvisation
skills and creating a scene. In late 2011, with the
trainer Mirna Sakhleh, Gang 3 worked on
reading various texts; classical and modern, Arab
and International plays, to choose texts to
produce their first presentation. In 2011, Gang 3
completed 28 training sessions for two hours on
a weekly basis.
Al-Harah Kids Gang:
A new group of children aged between 8 –
12 years old, which started in September
2011. The trainer Atta Nasser worked with
the kids on drama and theater basics and
achieved 12 weekly sessions for 2 hours.
Al-Harah Dance Group:
This group includes members of Gangs 1, 2 and
3. Initially, it was established to create a dance
show “Dap-Hop Salad” to participate in
Brouhaha International Festival in the UK. The
show was a great success which motivated the
group to continue training on a weekly basis to be
a long- term dance group for Al-Harah Theater.
In 2011, the dance group completed 28 training
sessions which varies in duration from 2 to 6
Al-Harah Clowns Group:
This group includes members of Gangs 1, 2
and 3. It was formed in order to produce a
special clown show to be performed in
Al-Harah Theater annual street festival
“Yalla Yalla”. The clowns worked
intensively in ten sessions, 2 hours each, to
create the clown show “Yalla Zanoubia”.
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