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Meetings and festivals Al-Harah theater participated in during 2011:
Stick Dance Workshop – Jordan
Brouhaha International Festival – UK
Arab Theater Festival – Germany
Euro-Med in Culture meeting – Germany
Arab Dramaturgy project meeting – France
Euro-Med in Culture Forum – Tunisia
The play is a collaborative production between
Ashtar Theater and Al-Harah Theater. Yasmine is a
human rights activist who hosts a TV program at her
house. During her birthday party Yasmine gets shot
in an assassination attempt, resulting in her fully
paralysed. Yasmine’s family members struggle in
different means to rescue her, people from outside
the family intervene while matters become more
complicated, instead of saving Yasmine they grow
more interested in leaving her in her current situation.
The play is the result of a unique collaboration
between UK based Badac Theater Company and
Al-Harah Theater.
“The Catastrophe”
focuses on one
Palestinian family in Gaza who was bombed during
the Israeli offensive in January 2009, and their
struggle to survive. It explores the physical and
psychological effects of the attacks and aims to
highlight and communicate the human rights abuses
that the Palestinian people were forced to
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“The Catastrophe” - directed by Steve Lambert
“House of Yasmine” – directed by Iman Aown
“Lause & Santa Clause” - directed by Nicola
A Christmas show that tells the story of Lause and
his grandmother. Grandma Santa is trying to teach
Lause all the basics and secrets of the Kingdom of
Santa Clauses and train him to make toys and gifts
for the children, to prepare him to be Santa Clause’s
successor. Naughty Lause keeps irritating his
grandma and disturbing her work. So, he falls in
troubles. However, the fairy with her magic stick
comes to help Santa Lause to solve his problems.
Theater of the oppressed season – West Bank
Puppet Festival – Jerusalem
International Child’s Day Festival – Jericho
Christmas Market – Bethlehem
Palestinian Orphan’s Day Festival – Jericho
Freed Prisoners Festival – Bethlehem
International Child’s Day Festival – Bethlehem
Olive Harvest Festival – Bethlehem
Al-Manara Theater Days Festival – Ramallah
Beit Jala Nights Festival – Beit Jala
Palestinian Culture’s Day Festival – Hebron
Olive Harvest Festival – Ramallah
St. Nicolas Day Celebrations – Beit Jala