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Al-Harah Theater
Al-Harah Theater Newsletter 2011
Al-Harah Theater statistics showed that its team completed 145 performances in 2011,
reaching about 33,000 people; This included around 21,345 children and 11,655
In 2011, Al-Harah Theater created six productions:
”Mirabel” - directed by Mohammad Awwad
A monodrama play for children which tells the story
of a six-year old girl who lives with her parents in a
remote village very far from the city. The girl loves
to help people very much and she has a dream to
have a doll, but her father can’t afford to buy her one
since he has a small income that he obtains from
selling vegetables at the city market.
Al-Harah Theater
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The Trap” - directed by Raeda Ghazaleh
The Trap”
portrays a model of Israeli intelligence
operations to turn Palestinian children into
collaborators who betray their people, contradicting
all human values, international laws and
conventions. This play was produced in partnership
with Defense Children International (DCI) and the
Palestinian Network for Children’s Rights within the
project of protecting children, victims of armed
conflicts, which is funded by the European Union.
A dance show which uses different styles;
Palestinian folk dance, contemporary, and belly
dance, the young dancers are trying to express their
ideas towards different issues that they face in their
daily lives. The performance clearly shows that
different dance and music styles are languages that
can melt together in one pot to represent young
people all over the world. This show diminishes the
stereo typical image about the Palestinian people and
shows the
rich culture they have.
“Dab Hop Salad” - directed by Nicola Zreineh