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One of the biggest achievements of Al-Harah Theater in 2010 was ‘Yalla Yalla’ Festival (Lets
Study, Lets have fun). Al-Harah Theater in cooperation with Brouhaha International from the UK,
and The Palestinian Ministry of Education in Bethlehem district, organized the first Street Festival
in Palestine. The parade consisted of 500 children, dancers, musicians and clowns dressed in
colourful costumes, marched along Manger Street ending in Manger Square. Over 4,500 people
including children and families attended the activities of the festival which included; two clowns
performances, one percussion, one dance, and the launching of the music CD of the local Palestin-
ian band ‘Momken’. The performances were the result of a one-week long workshops with inter-
national trainers in dance, clowning and percussion.
The First Street Festival in Palestine ‘Yalla Yalla’
Photo by: Vivien Sansour
Higher School of Music/ HSM