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Al-Harah in Festivals
Al-Harah Theater participated in the following
local, regional and international festivals:
Al-Manarah in Ramallah, Marj Ben 'Amer in
Jenin, The Palestinian Literature Festival in
Bethlehem, Al- Salam in Beit Jala and Wein 'a
The Creative Forum for Independent Theater
Groups in Egypt, Hakaya Festival in Jordan,
Brouhaha International Festival, ARROW Global
Congress, Contacting the World Festival in the
UK, La Friche System Festival for Arab Theater
in France.
Al-Harah Local Tours
Al-Harah Theater conducted seven local tours
for their performances in The West Bank, in
cooperation with different organizations; the
Gaza Graffiti, the YMCA, the World Vision,
the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation
and the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
Capacity Building for Al-Harah Team
Al-Harah Theater organized different artistic workshops with
international trainers during 2010; movement workshop with
Ms. Lidia Zemke from Germany, ‘Contact Dance Improvisa-
tion’ with Mr. Benno Voorham from Sweden. A workshop in
‘The Theater of the Oppressed’ with Ms. Luciana Talamonti
from Italy, a workshop in digital scenography design with
Mr. Marco Bonilauri, and a workshop on developing theater
characters with Ms. Celine Lombardo from Italy.
Al-Harah Drama Training
Drama training is an important part of Al-Harah
Theater work, to empower children and young
people. Drama training is divided into two forms;
long term training and short workshops.
In 2010, Al-Harah Theater trained 117 children and
young people ages 10-25 years old, on a long term
basis; 63 females and 54 males. The participants are
members of different groups; Al-Harah Gangs 1,2 and 3, in addition to groups from , Phoenix Centre in
Dheisheh Camp, the International Relief in Beit Jala, the media summer camp organized by Bethlehem
University and the Women’s Child’s Care Society in Beit Jala. In addition to the above, Al-Harah
Theater regularly conducts workshops after each performance. In 2010, 120 post-performance work-
shops were done.
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