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ةراحلا حرسم
Al-Harah Theater
In 2010, Al-Harah Theater produced six plays:
‘Confinement’ - directed by Raeda Ghazaleh
The play talks about three people who find themselves
confined. Their souls, hearts and minds are tangled.
Their lives become a mixture of madness and silence.
They lose their target and their roots. They discover
that this confinement is only an illusion or a trick or an
expression of fear and distress.
‘Girls are a burden until their death’
- directed by Luciana Talamonti
Hala is an ambitious girl who dreams about going to
University, but she faces several social constraints.
Her destiny changes as a result of a serious incident.
The play is the result of a workshop in ‘Theater of the
Oppressed’, conducted by Italian director, Luciana
Talamonti with a group of actors.
The workshop focused on women issues in the
Palestinian community, especially issues of sexual
abuse and rape.
‘Yalla Borhan’
It is an interactive entertaining show for
children, in which the actors perform different
sketches, dances, songs and play games with the
children. The show focuses on encouraging the
kids to play with their group, increasing their
self confidence. Using different scenarios,
children learn about some educational subjects
and social values. The show includes several
new children songs created and recorded by
Al-Harah Theater artistic team.
Al-Harah Theater in 2010
Al-Harah Theater statistics showed that Al-Harah team completed 144 performances in 2010,
reaching about 36,000 people; This included around 22,000 children, 10,000 youth and 4,000 adults.
Al-Harah Theater - ةراحلا حزسم
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لااج تيب
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