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ةراحلا حرسم
Al-Harah Theater
371 ،
ا عراش
نيطسلف ،لااج تيب ،ميرم ءارذعل
173, Virgin Mary Street, Beit Jala, Palestine
Telefax: +970-22767758
يولخ :
Mobile: +970-592767758
This was able to happen due to the respect for our work and the trust we have from the
community and their respect for us as artists.
We do believe that we as a group working in performing arts have created long term change
and attitude towards the importance of performing arts in the community as a whole. We
have also created social change especially towards women and the participation of women
in performing arts activities. This change also improved the life of many people and also in
some way offered more income to those in need. Meaning some of the new trainers and
trainees had opportunities to receive income for their work with children and young people
from our organization and also from other organizations working in the field.
The change is seen now in the reaction and demand by the community for our performances
and training programs. The belief in the importance of performing arts is becoming more
clear and more young people are interest.
Preserving our artistic quality and developing it made it possible for Al-Harah theatre to
reach high standard theaters in Europe and Arab countries. We have had so many demands
for partnerships from different performing arts organizations in the world.