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ةراحلا حرسم
Al-Harah Theater
371 ،
ا عراش
نيطسلف ،لااج تيب ،ميرم ءارذعل
173, Virgin Mary Street, Beit Jala, Palestine
Telefax: +970-22767758
يولخ :
Mobile: +970-592767758
10. Two of Al- Harah trainees have shown great potentials as cultural managers and
now are working part time as administrative assistants on projects for Al-Harah
11. AL-Harah Theatre was selected by the Anna Lindh Foundation to organize a
small Theatre festival in the West Bank in a short period of time in Jenin,
Bethlehem and Hebron. In addition to that also organized a tour for 12 heads of
Networks from 9 different countries and accompany them on their tour. The
Minister of Culture surprised us by attending Al-Harah Theatre show, Facehook
in Bethlehem and expressed great admiration for the show and for our work in the
West Bank and abroad.
A group of six young people from Al-Harah took part in an international Festival
and exchange program in the UK in July.
13. A group of five actors and drama trainers from Al-Harah also attended a multi-
cultural program on theatre of the oppressed in Milan Italy.
14. Al-Harah Director was also selected by the Anna Lindh Network to represent the
Palestinian Head of Network in the Meeting of the 43 Countries in Sweden.
15. Al-Harah Theatre Director was invited to a seminar organized by Rhiksteatern in
Sweden on the Arab Theatre in Feb 2009. As a result a visit by Rhiskteatern was
organized in Palestine.
16. Al-Harah Theater also became an official member in a new network called
Euromedinculture in a meeting in France in 2009. As a result the Director of the
network visited Palestine and as hosted by Al-Harah theatre.
17. A member of Al-Harah Theater attended a cultural management workshop in
Syria conducted by the director of Al-Harah and two co trainers for people from
the Arab World.
18. Al-Harah Young people performance Facehook was selected to represent
Palestine in the University Theatre Festival in Tunisia in summer 2009.