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ةراحلا حرسم
Al-Harah Theater
371 ،
ا عراش
نيطسلف ،لااج تيب ،ميرم ءارذعل
173, Virgin Mary Street, Beit Jala, Palestine
Telefax: +970-22767758
يولخ :
Mobile: +970-592767758
After more than three years of discussing possibility to do a coproduction with
The Lebanese Puppet theatre and with director Karim Dakroub we managed to
coproduce “I Have a Dream”. A Play for young people. And in this play we also
had a new actress from our young trainees to work professionally in the play.
The play was produced in Jordan and opened in Amman.
For the first time also this year our young trainees all act in the Christmas play
directed to children and tour with the play in the Bethlehem area. 6 young actors
work in the play on professional basis.
This year Al-Harah Theater also took part in 7 local festival organised in the West
Bank, four regional Arab Festivals and completed one international tour in Italy.
Al-Harah Theater also managed to complete 7 local tours for the following plays:
The Red Apple, for children
The Old Man Semaan for children
Throw the Stick for young people
Tic Tac ...Feast is near, for children.
Facehook for young people
People from Paper for young people and adults
The Metamorphosis, for young people and adults
More work opportunities in drama training in schools and cultural centers for the
new trainers and so reaching new target groups and new audiences.
More people in different communities in the West Bank know more about
performing arts and especially theatre (Al-Harah Theater) more visible.
Hiyam Talbishi, the first woman drama trainer in Hebron, was trained by though
Al-Harah Train the Trainers program. Has been sent to the Forum in Alexandria
for training in drama and theatre.
Al-Harah Trainee Fairouze Nustas just graduated from Syria as the first qualified
scenographer in Palestine.
Al-Harah Theater have started to include some of their trainees as actors in their
new productions and by doing so having new persons in the performing arts filed
as a profession.