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ةراحلا حرسم
Al-Harah Theater
371 ،
ا عراش
نيطسلف ،لااج تيب ،ميرم ءارذعل
173, Virgin Mary Street, Beit Jala, Palestine
Telefax: +970-22767758
يولخ :
Mobile: +970-592767758
Annual Report 2009
Al-Harah Theatre decided to concentrate this year on local touring and performances in
Palestine. We also wanted to do more performing than production since we have been
producing more than planned in the years before.
Al-Harah Theatre has been demanded by many institutions in different parts of the West
Bank to perform and also to conduct workshops and training programs.
Al-Harah Theater was able to produce two theater productions one for children and one for
young people and audlts in 2009. We were able to complete 106 persofrmances all over the
West Bank reaching 27,000 children, young people and adults.
Al-Harah Theater was able to have a tour for the play “The Metamosphosis” in Bologna,
Mantova and Genova in Italy.
Al-Harah Theater conducted eight workhsops with local and international trainers for its
members and trainees.
Al-Harah Theater completed a tour of 13 performances of “Born in Bethlehem” in different
cities in the UK.
Members of Al-Harah theater took part in a training program for young artists from six
different countries in Belgium for a period of 2 weeks.
The young trainess of Al-Harah Theater were one of 12 different groups from 12 different
countries to take part in “Contacting the World” Porject which took place in Liverpool in
the UK as part of the Eurpoean Cultural Capital festivitiess 2009.
A member of Al-Harah Theater completed his postgraduate Studeis and received an MA in
Theater for youth from Wawrick University with Distinction and came back to contue his
work at Al-Harah.