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Al-Harah Theater News from Palestine
The year 2006 has been very busy for us at Al-Harah Theater.
January & February 2006
Several children performance in the Bethlehem area for the Greek Orthodox Christmas on 7 January and
Armenia Christmas on 18 January 2006.
From 24 January -1 March 2006
We have been on tour in Egypt and Jordan with the children play "Hanin El Bahar" (Longing to the Sea).
We have completed 27 performances in villages in Upper Egypt, in Cairo and in Alexandria. Then we
completed 22 performances in ten refugee camps in Jordan and other cities. The tour was a great success
we were doing 2-3 shows a day for marginalized children. 8 members of Al-Harah where together for
this tour. (Please see some photos)
March 2006
Participated in the Amman International Theater Days Festival in Jordan with the same play "Hanin El
Bahar" but the Swedish –Palestinian coo production. We did two shows at the festival and two others at
two cultural centers.
April 2006
We performed more than 10 performances for the celebrations of the Palestinian Child Anniversary on 5
April 2006.
We also were working very hard the last few moths with our youth trainees at Dheisheh camp who just
completed their first play called "A Key and a Life". This play will take part in the University Theater
Festival in Jordan on 30 April 2006.
The youth are very excited to take part in the festival and we are very happy that they can show their
The play talks about a group of people suffering from mental illness and they are confusing their roles in
real life with roles in theater and in life. In a way it talks about their daily life, their philosophy of life
and the political dilemma they live in.
The play was directed by Mohammed Awwad and Sami Mitwasi from Al-Harah Theater. We as a
theater have been training this group for the last seven months. Theater has changed their lives and
developed their characters and their self esteem.
May 2006
The first two weeks Al-Harah team will be performing a theater piece about children being physically
abused at school and at home in different areas of the West Bank. The show is part of a campaign to stop
violence against children that was initiated by Defence for Children International (Palestine Branch) and
a network of organizations in the West Bank.
The last two weeks of May and two weeks in June Al-Harah team will be working on creating a new play
called "The Last Clown" for adults. The play will be in English talking about daily problems that we as
Palestinians face due to the Israeli Occupation. It is based on diaries of different Palestinians living in the
West Bank.
The play will be directed firstly to tourists who come to Bethlehem for 45-60 minutes to visit the Nativity
Church and buy souvenirs and leave. We would like these tourists to know a bit our lives as people
living in Bethlehem by attending a short show as part of their program in Bethlehem.