Drama Training

  1. Drama & Theater Training Program for Children and Youth

The program consists of four gradual stages, each lasting 3 months, one session per week. The training is held by specialized drama and theater trainers.

This program aims for:

  1. Introducing children and youth to drama and theater work
  2. Enabling children and youth to use their creativity to solve problems
  3. Empowering their self-confidence and changing their negative perspectives on themselves and those around them
  4. Providing a free space to express the feelings, thoughts and dreams which they can’t express in another way
  5. Promoting positive values such as respect and accepting the other



  1. Training new professionals:

This program aims to create young actors wishing to establish new theater groups in their communities.


  1. Training of Sound and Light Techniques:

Throughout the year, Al-Harah Theater hosts various local and international trainers in different theatrical fields to train Al-Harah Theater team and its trainee groups, as a form of capacity building to improve the knowledge and skills of the workers in Al-Harah Theater and in other Palestinian theaters generally.


  1. Drama & Theater Training Program for professional workers:

This training is intended for professional workers like social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and special education teachers. It aims to give them different new tools like dramatic games to use in their work and achieve therapy goals with their patients.


  1. Train the Trainers Program in Drama & Theater

 The program aims to:

  • Create new trainers in the field of drama & theater especially in the north and south of Palestine.
  • Give the opportunity for more children and youth to participate in drama training.
  • Al-Harah Theater follows the trainers during the program period to help them to form groups of children & youth in their organizations in other cities and give them the necessary instructions.


 In 2011, Al-Harah Theater hosted many international trainers and organised different workshops in specific fields in the performing arts:

  • Interactive theater workshop with a British artist
  • Clown workshop with two British artists.
  • Drama training workshop for rehabilitation workers in the Arab Rehabilitation Society
  • Movement techniques workshop with a Swedish artist
  • Alexander technique workshop with a French artist
  • Drama training with an Italian artist
  • Playwriting workshop
  • Sound and 3D scenography workshop with an Italian artist
  • Eastern Belly dancing workshop with a Swiss artist


 ‘Gaza Monologues’ is a part of a solidarity project with the besieged Gaza Strip, which resulted in producing various theatre performances in different languages over the world. This project was organized by Ashtar Theater, in cooperation with AL-HARAH Theater, Phoenix Center in Dheisheh refugee camp, and other theaters in Palestine, Arab countries and the world. 

On the level of drama and theater training, AL-HARAH Theater trained different groups of children and youth. A group of 11 children, continuous training for AL-HARAH young trainees (AL-HARAH Gangs 1, 2 and 3) which contain 30 trainees.

Also, AL-HARAH trained many groups in cooperation with other organizations, like: a teenagers group for the Phoenix Centre in Dheisheh Camp, a group of 13 kids for the International Relief in Beit Jala. A group of 50 children for the summer camp in Bethlehem University, a group of 10 children for The Women’s Society for Child’s Care in Beit Jala.

On the other hand, AL-HARAH Theater organized different workshops with international trainers like:

  1. A workshop in movement and acting with a German coach.
  2. A workshop in ‘Contact Improvisation’ with a Swedish coach.
  3. A music workshop which focuses on improving the relationship between the child and his parents with an Italian musician.
  4. A workshop in ‘The Theater of the Oppressed’ and ‘Forum Theater’ with an Italian director.
  5. A workshop in scenography design using the computer with an Italian technician and set designer.



Al-Harah Theater organized training programs with the following organizations:

  • Holy Land Trust, Bethlehem
  • Handala Center, Al-Azza Camp
  • Salwan Children Cultural Center
  • Bethlehem University
  • Phoenix Center, Dheisheh Camp
  • International Relief, Beit Jala
  • Arab Rehabilitation Society


In addition, Al-Harah Theater organized some workshops with foreign trainers:

  • ‘Contact Improvisation’ dance workshop with Swedish Trainer Beno
  • Music workshop with Italian trainer Andrias
  • Acting workshop titled ‘De Fence’ with Greek director Marilie

2007 – 2008:

Al-Harah Theater implemented train the trainers programs for a variety of artistic and cultural centers in the West Bank. The program included four intensive workshops during the year. The program was organized in Beit Jala by the following trainers:

  • Mohammed Awwad; Actor, director and coach
  • Nicola Zreineh; Actor, coach
  • Raeda Ghazaleh; Actor, director

Al-Harah trained 14 youth trainers from different organizations, who were committed to train other children and youth groups in their areas.


Al-Harah Theater trainees in Phoenix Center, Dheisheh Camp produced a play called ‘Key and Life’. The play was directed by Mohammed Awwad and Sami Metwasi and gained the special Jury award in the sixth Philadelphia Festival in Jordan 2006.