aims to produce theater that is well crafted and moving, challenging yet accessible and, essentially, honest. We believe that theater has the potential to change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it............

"As The Sun Fell" Play

"As the Sun Fell" A Dramatic Legend The legend tells the story of a father waiting for his son who ran away years ago to return back. The father lives in the hope of his son's return every day and

"Hetalieh" Play

"Hetalieh" is the story of Yousef, a little child from the small city of Bethlehem, whose biggest dream is a great bowl of Hetalieh – a traditional Palestinian dessert. Although his parents can hardly afford such luxuries, today Yousef with

"Meramieh" Play

"Meramieh" An old man and an old woman, refugees, expelled or displaced… it does not matter What matters is that they are two Palestinians waiting to return to the homes which they were expelled from in 1948. Here they are, dreaming of that

"Best Friends" Play

"Best Friends" An interactive lyric play based on short stories for children. During the play we are introduced to three best friends “Felfel, Sukar, and Popsi”. “Felfel” the city mouse goes to visit his friends “Sukar”, the village mouse and


Al-Harah Theater opens the call to theater groups and companies to participate in Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth that will be held between the 4th and the 14th of April, 2019 in Palestine.

For Application Click Here.



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